Storage 4 All Ltd provides homeowners, renters and businesses of all kinds with a flexible solution to storage space. Self Storage differs from traditional storage in that you can hire a secure individual unit from 15 square feet within one of our buildings in which to store virtually anything in a secure, clean and dry environment.

You can store by the week, month or year and move out whenever you want with only fourteen days notice. You are the only keyholder and can access your unit as often as required during our extensive opening hours. Our building is equipped with the latest in safety and security monitoring technology and staffed with trained professionals who can help with every aspect of your storage needs.

Self Storage can help make the most of your existing home or office space. We can even supply you with a large selection of packing and storage materials and have trolleys to help with loading and unloading.

The three types of storage that we cater for are:

Whether you are moving home, redecorating, going abroad, or simply want to create a bit of more space in your life – Storage 4 All can help.

Our trained staff will estimate how much space you need, provide you with specialised packing materials and advise you so that you get the most from your space.

Storage 4 All is the flexible and convenient solution to the problem of finding secure storage.

You Can Store:

  • fridges and freezers (just be sure they are defrosted and dry, leaving doors ajar whilst in storage)
  • garden equipment (clean before storing)
  • fuel tanks (so long as they are empty)

Sorry, You Can’t Store:

  • live animals
  • foodstuffs
  • corrosive or flammable liquids
  • explosives
  • bottled gas
  • petrol or illegal substances


Storage 4 All Ltd, 27 Park Road, Faringdon, Oxfordshire, SN7 7BP
Tel: 01367 240880, Email:
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